The Project

Twilight Skyline: Downtown Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights. The only photo on this site that was edited to give it a painterly effect.

12 Places of Unexpected Beauty in New York City

The Photographs
A series of photographs taken in unexpected moments when the ordinary becomes extraordinary, when a fleeting moment becomes transcendent. The essence of each encounter is recorded by the camera, capturing its hidden views and distinct qualities of light. Adjusting the camera frame and point of view transforms the scene. The collection is presented online using custom WordPress theme Folio X.
Folio X
A responsive WordPress theme for photographers, designed to imitate a classic print folio, featuring full width images, off-canvas navigation and a clean elegance free from distracting elements. See Folio X Demo
About New York City
The Eagles
It was a raw January day during a winter so cold that the Hudson River froze. I was in a deserted Chelsea exploring a tourist boat closed for the season. On a small channel in the middle of the river a parade of bald eagles floated by on broken chunks of ice which vividly reflected the dazzling pink of sunset. Perched precariously on the edge of the boat, I was the only witness to a rare and magnificent sight. Without a camera, I could only record the scene in my memory.
A City of Action
I have come to know New York as a city of action, resourcefulness, history, boroughs, neighborhoods, bridges, buildings, boats, mass transit, taxi drivers, and eight million diverse people who find a way to pull together through any crisis.
Wildness in the City
There is a wildness that pushes itself though the cracks of concrete. Eagles and falcons claim their territory on top of tall buildings. Waterways are teeming with fish, crabs, mussels, herons, geese and seagulls. For migrating birds it’s stopping place on the journey. There are squirrels, raccoons, rats, coyote and deer; trees and flowers; city parks, greenways, and community gardens. Movement seems endless and unordered, yet underneath it there is a harmony.
About Beauty
The Debate
There’s a theoretical debate in the art world about beauty which fills thousands of pages and entire sections of art criticism. Exhibits analyze beauty; exhausting conferences investigate it. But beauty is anything but exhausting. It’s an experience that leaves you feeling a little more hopeful, a little more loving, and a little more courageous.
Why I Make Beautiful Things
I use beauty to draw you in to a carefully crafted stage on which you are the writer, the director and star of the show. You ask “where is this place?”. It’s an ordinary place you walk by everyday. But this is your story to write and your place to define. I give you beauty and leave you to be carried away like a leaf that falls onto a gently flowing stream.