• Photo Randy Johnson

The first time I went to a WordCamp I knew I had come home. I learned the basics of WordPress development from my teacher Carl Namyst at MCTC. I followed up by actively engaging with the local WordPress Community. I’m a member of MSP WordPress User’s Group and Meetup and a volunteer at annual WordCamps. I’m also part of the WordPress Wednesday family at CoCo collaborative work space, where we sit around a big table and work, compare notes and explore local eateries. In addition to WordPress I create motion graphics and animations and work with digital media.

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, youth mentor and adept at generating enthusiasm for any venture. I earned BFA and MFA degrees at the University of Minnesota where I taught Sculpture, Drawing, and Concepts in Visual Art. My photography and sculpture have been shown nationally. I also earned an AAS degree in Web and Interactive Media at Minneapolis Community and Technical College where I was on the Dean's List and graduated with honors.

Working Process

My working process fuses intuition with analysis. Ideas and solutions come to me when I'm on a walk. Working it out is where analysis comes in, going over it until I've taken care of every detail.

Post it notes, highlighters, binders and graph paper are my tools for planning, organizing information, writing and making diagrams. I use paper and a free flowing pen for everything. I need the kinesthetics of physically writing things down as I work.

I love the freshness of scrawled notes. I save sketches, notes and preliminary designs from my projects, organizing them in binders on a bookshelf. I like having a physical record of an ephemeral process that drifts away like smoke after the final product is completed.

During the development process, I keep a dated log of everything I do. It comes in handy on those days when I spend hours trying to figure something out, wishing later I could remember what it was I did in the first place.

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