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The Director: Leigh Munson

I caught up with Leigh during a break on the set of her latest project The Elephant Ride. “This one is a thriller, if you can believe it. Of course it has a psychological edge to it.”
Her career may be short so far but it’s been prolific. Absolute Zero, Slow Boat to China, and of course The Pool Player. Then there’s Sweet Chariot, her breakout short film that was nominated for an Oscar.
Sweet Chariot is a tough film,” Leigh commented. The subject matter is so difficult. But you can’t let that become greater than the story.”
I asked her about The Pool Player. “There’s a tension underneath it all. How do you find any sense of normalcy when there is none? All these personal stories of people coming to terms.”
And filming it in black and white?
“It’s easy to think of the 60’s in colors. But people were dead serious about what they were doing. There was a lot going on. I wanted the film to have a grainy quality like old news photos.”
I told Leigh I’d never seen a connection between the game of pool and Shakespeare. “It’s there” she said.