About the Theme


About The Theme

Official Film Site is a responsive, mobile ready WordPress theme designed for film websites but adaptable for other uses. The theme is designed to accommodate a large amount of content and complex taxonomy.
Full width images, four menus, off canvas navigation, trailer, awards and credits lists, embedded media, animated elements, gallery options, social media bar, accessibility and mobile prepared.

The theme is equipped to upload, embed, and link to video and audio elements such as trailers, clips, interviews, music and interactive media.

Motion Graphics
Offers the option to incorporate animated text and visual elements.
Content Organization
Divided into two main categories: information about the film, and information about its story, characters and topical material. Categories are clearly delineated with individually styled navigation menus. Accommodates as many sub-categories as needed.
Four menus help organize content and navigate through complex sites. Placement of menus is flexible with default placement at the top and bottom of the page. An icon link at the top activates the fourth menu, a responsive off canvas menu.
‘Filmstrip’ Menu

Filmstrip icons link to pages about the film. Possibilities include Synopsis, Trailer, About the Film, Director’s Bio, Director’s Notes, Behind the Scenes, Production Notes, Cast and Crew, Characters, Gallery, Artwork, Storyboards, Posters, Videos, Games, Downloadables, Partners, Buy Tickets, Own the Film, Book the Film, and other categories specific to the film.

‘Star’ Menu

Star icons link to story related pages about characters, people or subject matter presented in the film, historical facts, timelines and others. Custom icons can be uploaded to replace star icons.


‘Laurel Wreath’ Menu
A small menu at the top of the page for basic site functions. Default links are ‘Home’ and ‘Menu’. Other possibilities: ‘Contact’, ‘Book (or Own) the Film’, ‘Downloads’, ‘Games’ and others. The ‘Menu’ icon activates a responsive off canvas menu.
The Slide In Menu
A responsive off canvas menu that slides in from the left. Lists all pages on the site by page title as well as optional thumbnail images or icons.

Displays as many or as few items as needed, including but not limited to Trademark and Copyright, Film Credits and Attributions, Logos, Partners, Social Media bar, Rating Information, Awards, Privacy Policy and Terms of Site Use.

Default Style
Futura PT by ParaType. Headings: Extra Bold. Sub Headings: Heavy. Body: Medium. Font color: Silver on dark backgrounds and Deep Charcoal Black on light backgrounds, with a lighter Liquid Silver for hover effects. Slightly translucent type layered over images creates a film like effect.
Color Palette
Deep Charcoal Black, Silver and a light Liquid Silver.
Custom Style
Color Palette
Admin allows easy adjustment for a film’s specific color palette.
Flexibility to alter style and layout of elements is built into the admin functions of the theme.
Code files are commented and clearly organized to allow modifications, however the theme’s admin handles most site’s needs.
Fully prepared for mobile access and use. Media, motion graphics and film’s aspect ratio of 9:16 are adjusted for all devices.
Optimized and adjusted as needed to allow users of all devices access to full content, graphics, navigation experience and interactive elements.
Provides a seamless experience in both portrait and landscape mode; elements have been carefully considered and adapted for both.

For devices unable to display Flash or large media files alternatives are provided. Video elements display an image when the video is not playing. Animated alternatives or static images are provided for Flash content.


Emphasis on legible text, content size and contrasting elements. Media and other pertinent elements include detailed descriptions for screen readers.
Media admin panel.
The Theme In Use
Official website for Lost In Berlin: It’s A Long Way Home. Director Rodney Martel, Martel Productions LLC.
The film site, currently in progress, is being built using the Official Film Site theme.
More about the project.
Lost In Berlin
The Film
The film weaves together the compelling stories of people who connect in significant ways against a backdrop of monumental historic events.
The Site
The site is a promotional introduction to the film and director, with a look behind the scenes and the production process. In addition it expands the stories of people, historical events, and questions it raises.
Lost In Berlin home page
Lost In Berlin content page

Lost In Berlin Website.